Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Outfits! Sequinned everything.

1/31, afternoon.

What’s for sale: Outfits! Sequinned everything.

There is no convention without vendors. I decide to visit some of the exhibits and tables. The black Baptists have theirs in a large hall on the lowest floor of this huge complex; the whites have theirs lining the main hallways leading to the meeting rooms. Hmmm.

Both feature preacher-wear and choir outfits, with the white folk’s outfits a lot more subdued. The black wares also include clothes and shoes for the flock, too. Dresses, men’s and women’s suits, hats and shoes. Oh. My. God. Gladys Knight and the Pips would go wild shopping here.

I have never seen such an array of glitz in my life since I used to go to drag queen shoes in Oregon for respite from Pendleton shirts and down vests that my law school classmates wore.

Both sell books, too. Lots of books.

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